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Submitted by deborahboehm on Thu, 2022-04-28 08:04
Tuesday, Apr 19, 2022 - 06:30am
New York

On Tuesday evening April 19 at 6:30, nineteen club members and two guests of the Niagara section of MBCA gathered for their monthly meeting.  The abbreviated business meeting allowed us time to watch a powerpoint presentation about Railroad and Car Safety.  This was very informative showing safety procedures between cars and engines.  There was emphasis on the amount of time required for a train engine to stop even when the engineer can see a problem ahead.  Another interesting point was the information that can be found on the crossing signage itself.   The hour long powerpoint by Gary Baumgartner, MBCA member and former railroad employee and safety presenter made all of us very aware of what things can go wrong at crossings and how to avoid or handle them.