Alabama Section

Niagara Section Beerfest

Niagara Section Beerfest

Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 1:00pm
Clarence (Buffalo)
New York

               ♪ “In (Clarence) there’s a hofbrauhaus, Ein, Zwei, Sofa!” ♫

                We were about to begin our 6th annual BEERFEST!

               The first thing to greet your eye was the colorful chalk artwork of Mercedes emblems, beer steins and a Hirsch(deer)/cow?? Entering the beer garden (back yard) you were once more greeted with chalk artwork of “Willkommen” spread along the rear embankment. In the background, you were further greeted by the arousing sound of German/Polish music provided by Norm Kaminski. Norm has been providing our background music and sound system almost from the beginning of our annual fests.

               The “beer garden” slowly filled up with members carrying in their beer coolers, and a plate to pass. One of our members even brought Limburger, onion and liverwurst on rye sandwiches.

               To kind of get things started, Julie Bruggner, our National Office Treasurer, shared reminders of upcoming National events such as StarFest and plans by National to get dealerships on-board to improve club membership. A survey of M-B buyers indicated that most were never told that Mercedes-Benz even had a club that they could join. With just that brief presentation to our members, Julie was already one of us and ready to party.

               Then Julie made a surprise presentation of MBCA membership to a new owner of a Mercedes-Benz.  Ian Scaduto, a neighbor of our hosts, often attended our beer fest while assisting our hosts with getting things setup. He admired our attending members’ cars.  As his time to purchase his first car neared, he may have been influenced slightly by his exposure to the M-B brand. With a little encouragement, perhaps; Ian purchased a 2014 C300.  What a great start to automobile ownership. To commemorate this purchase, Ed and Bev paid for his MBCA membership to our local section.

               The time to once again enjoy sips of international and craft beers had arrived.  Presented were 12 light beers, 3 dark beers and one root beer. Prosit!!!

               Dan McJury, who has volunteered to be our chef every year.   Everyone enjoyed the German sausages and other dishes provided by the membership.  Thanks to our hosts Ed and Bev.  Auf Wiedersehen und PROSIT!!!