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Our Section was chartered on December 10, 1999 when we became the thirteenth Section in the MBCA's Northeast region.  The Niagara Section's membership is principally drawn from the eight counties of Western New York including the Buffalo-Niagara region of New York State.

We enjoy a wide array of benefits including, intellectually rich resources, a robust National Web Site and a Club store.  There is a non-stop schedule of opportunities to meet with other automobile enthusiasts locally, regionally and across the country.  Whether you're interested in car events, social gatherings, vintage cars, learning to take care of your own vehicle or driving across the countryside, the MBCA has exciting destinations.  At times, international travel opportunities are also available.

The Niagara Section's Membership includes both Mercedes-Benz owners, and enthusiasts who meet to share their passion for automobiles and automotive excellence.  We have regular monthly meetings from September through May.  The December meeting is in the form of a holiday party.  The break in summer provides us with the opportunity to participate in regional and national events.  The Niagara Section also publishes a quarterly newsletter (The Nickel City Star) with free classifieds ads for members.

Remember you do not have to own a Mercedes-Benz to join the club.  However, joining the Mercedes-Benz Club of America will help you enjoy and preserve your automobile, old or new.  We invite you to look over our website, follow through the links provided and start enjoying all the benefits that are awaiting you.

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